Sometimes you just need to get in a car and go!

Call it wanderlust, call it what you want.

However there are other times where all you want to do is get on a plane, get picked up by a shuttle (or limo?!?) at your destination and not worry about a thing until it’s time to leave.

If the thought of plopping down in one place for a long weekend, a week or longer, having all the amenities you want on-site and having your meals prepared for you appeals to you – welcome to the world of all-inclusive travel!

(If you want this vacation lifestyle on a ship, check out our Cruises page; if you are a landlubber, you’ve come to the right place!)

Whether it’s the Caribbean, Mexico or an even more exotic locale, My Journey Begins Travel will help you get there. . . and relax!

Resorts / All-Inclusive

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