We all have a passion for something – and when we travel, many times we are combining a passion for travel with a passion for a hobby or interest.

Whether it’s rooting for your favorite team (especially when they are playing against your least favorite team!), player, driver or horse, attending a concert or going to the theatre – it’s especially fun and memorable to do that away from home.

While many people enjoy being a spectator, others enjoy participating – whether it’s golfing on some of the world’s leading courses to fishing in a “sportsperson’s paradise” like the Florida Keys, Los Cabos, Mexico, the salmon streams of the Pacific Northwest or Alaska or the trout streams of the Big Sky state of Montana – My Journey Begins Travel is ready to assist you.

If it’s not golfing or fishing – that’s OK. We can get you to destinations that allow you explore your favorite hobbies…be it diving, climbing, skydiving, spelunking (a fancy word for cave exploration), or indoor pursuits such as quilting or poker tournaments.

Trust us to get you there, find you a great place to stay and make whatever other arrangements that will help you make a lifetime of great memories!

Special Events & Interests

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